Heavy Duty & Light Duty Truck Repair

Lansing, MI

truck-repair-photoOur business originated from our truck service, so you can always count on a job well done. Our founder, Matt O’Donnell, always had one goal in mind – to be the best truck mechanic ever. This spirit is what you benefit from when it’s your turn to get your truck fixed at our shop. His standards are high and if we don’t meet his expectations, we do it over. You won’t get stuck with a bad job.

From light duty caravans and every day passenger trucks to heavy duty trucks and 18 wheelers, we do it all. Our team of specialists can handle all makes and models of trucks to ensure your truck receives the best service possible. We also work on diesel vehicles and have the experience and resources to help improve the performance of your truck. Give us a call today for all of your truck service needs!

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