Bring Your Trailer Repairs To Us

trailer-photoWhat’s a trucking fleet without its trailers? O’Donnell’s Auto & Truck Repair is here to service and repair them as well. After years of travel and heavy mileage, trailers need special attention. They also need the right mechanics to give them the proper attention. We restore truck trailers to their original condition, maintaining all your systems like new.

Ask any fleet manager, and you’ll find that we are “the place” for handling difficult repairs. Brakes, electrical, and all mechanical systems are crucial to the safe and efficient operation of your fleet. We are also able to install any additional accessories that your trailer may require. With our short turnaround time, quality workmanship, and professionalism, we’ll make any trip to see us well worth your while. One trip to see us at O’Donnell’s Auto & Truck Repair, and you (and your trailer) will see what all the fuss is about.

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