We Service All Sprinter Vehicles in Lansing, MI

sprinter-repair-photoOne of the unique features of our fleet repair service is our familiarity with the Sprinter. Your business relies on your fleet of Sprinter vehicles to be on the road, and our business relies on keeping them there.Fleet managers have recognized us as the repair shop that has the experience and mastery of Sprinter vehicles. Don’t make the mistake of bringing it back to the manufacturer’s repair shop. We offer you the same knowledge and expertise at a price you can afford.

O’Donnell’s specializes in the service and repair for the Dodge, Freightliner, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. Sprinter service has been a feature of our shop since they were introduced many years ago. We have become Sprinter repair specialists, handling all the unique and difficult repairs that the Sprinter can present. A growing inventory of Sprinter parts on hand has allowed our technicians to meet the needs of fleet managers with speed and efficiency. At O’Donnell’s Auto & Truck Repair, we offer you quality and speedy services on several versions of the Sprinter vehicle.

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