If It Can Fit Inside Your Car, We Can Install It

fabrication-photoSometimes what makes your car so special is that it was “put together” by you. And with the help of the good techs at O’Donnell’s Auto & Truck Repair, your vehicle will receive custom fabrication work. We do it all, including restoring your damaged or corroded exhaust components. Any custom bend or welding needs that drivers have for their cars, should be handled by us. If you have any parts that you’re not sure how to install, bring them in to us, and we’ll install them for you.

O’Donnell’s Repair techs can also modify or repair customized, purpose built vehicles. For many drivers, a vehicle is like a second home, and can have about as much accessories installed. If it can fit on or in a vehicle, we can install it. We sell, service, and install a wide array accessories, including gates, mirrors, lifts, lighting, and a whole lot more. O’Donnell’s Auto & Truck Repair fabrication specialists are here to customize your vehicle. Bring it in to Lansing’s ultimate one-stop-shop today!

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