Countdown to Spring Break – Is your vehicle ready?


With winter weather in full swing, we know many of you have your sights set on an escape route. There’s no better way to roll into Spring 2016 then heading out of town. Before you do, let O’Donnell’s help make sure that trip goes as smooth as planned. By taking care of a few minor details, you can rest assured that your vehicle will get you safely and happily from point A to point B.

  • Want the best fuel economy? Check those tires – tire pressure, tread, and get a “post Michigan pot-hole” alignment
  • Is your car handling a little rough? Your brake system has critical parts that are susceptible to the elements during the wintertime. To prevent freeze-up or issues on challenging terrain or wild weather get those brakes tested.
  • Nothing is worse than the exhaustion associated with a lot of travel and too much heat. To keep you and your family comfortable make sure that A/C is up to par before you leave Michigan*.
  • Speaking of heat – keep your car operating smooth and prevent engine overheating by monitoring your fluid levels and replacing them as needed.
  • We’ve all seen the wiper smear, that dreaded can’t see through the windshield goop. Replace those wiper blades and get your wiper fluid motor checked.
  • Lastly, check those belts and hoses for looseness, cracks, or general damage to prevent a cheap repair from becoming a huge ordeal.

Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than an unplanned trip to an unfamiliar auto garage. We’d be happy to help take care of these details before you leave. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

* Ask us to see if your system is covered.

Written by Ann Weber

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